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Thank you for stopping by my personal photography site. I hope you will enjoy this selection of the photographs I took during my travels, including my own favorites. I am a former banking executive by profession, but photography and travel have been my passions for many years. I should say photography and travel have been part of my childhood and runs in our family; it was also my dad’s hobby. He would say ‘you pass this way only once in all eternity, so capture these images at least once for our posterity’.

It is said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and the above picture taken by my wife Ruth in Namibia, beautifully amplifies the purpose of my photography – Exploring the world through my lens.

Growing up I always remembered my dad carrying his camera during our many trips, and “snapping” those precious moments and beautiful scenes. His photographs were captivating and candid, they always told a story. Watching him capturing those moments and seeing them afterwards in photos, encouraged me to get into photography. My first camera was a Yashika FX3 and I slowly moved up the scale. Now I’m a Nikon user and currently use a D810 as well as a D7500, with Nikon lenses.

I continue to learn and improve my craft in the art of photography. After many years of taking photographs, I now create my photographs. I have come to realize that being good at focusing on the art or the eye to see things alone are not enough to be a good photographer. The basic element for photography is the combination of art and science.  You as a photographer should be able to use these with your creativity to convey your story, emotion, or a mood to the viewer. I love to photograph landscapes, wildlife, nature, and cultures. I am slowly moving to explore the art of long-exposure and macro photography. I enjoy reading about and studying the works of other photographers and use them as inspiration to go and try new things with my own camera and creativity.

My family and friends support my hobby, and they encourage and inspire me. My wife Ruth and my children Melanie and Jeremie are my towers of encouragement and my critical friends, providing me with encouragement and constructive feedback. We love travel and we have been fortunate to visit many parts of the world. These days, I won’t plan a pleasure trip without also considering the photographic potential. It’s fun to plan trips around photographic locations, and I’m most relaxed and content when I have a camera in hand along with my beautiful and patient wife. Two special companions I always want to be with whenever I can.

Through photography, I like to encourage others to see what I have seen through my lens, so that they too can appreciate the beauty that God has given us to enjoy in this world. I hope this will inspire you to preserve and protect it, so that generations to come can enjoy this beauty. It is every one’s responsibility to preserve and protect the environment, so that the magnificence of this world will outlast us.

So please, look around and enjoy your visit here. I hope you find the photographs relaxing and inspiring. If I can inspire few people to take conservation seriously then I have fulfilled my purpose. If you want to purchase any prints for your home / office or gift, please get in touch with me via the contact page.