Since I love traveling and seeing new places, landscape photography was the obvious choice. In the beginning, I was determined to capture the things that I had admired, not only as a keepsake, but also to document and share with friends and family. As time went by, I started to develop a natural bond between nature and myself. Photography allowed me to be closer to nature and explore new places. I’ve always enjoyed the process of using my imagination and creativity into my final image.

Back then I did not have a process nor did I plan to shoot under “perfect conditions”. I captured images whenever I was able to. Fortunately, these moments, where harsh lighting was an unavoidable barrier, inspired me to research and learn the photographic nature of the area we visited, turning family vacations into photographic expeditions.

Having grown in knowledge and experience, I take the time now to plan on how I execute my shots. This has allowed me to be a better visual story teller with my own twist and vision. One of the most powerful lessons I had learnt from my journeys were how small we are compared to Mother Nature, yet we live in the illusion that we have conquered the world!