My love for nature started with Landscape photography and slowly expanded into Wildlife. Growing up with pets and appreciating the occasional trip to the zoo, I was always fascinated with the various creatures that were not only majestic in look but also in power. I was fortunate to travel and experience places known for their ‘Animal Kingdoms’.

When I am in the wild, I can completely lose time immersed in nature. During these times, I allow my mind and soul to drift from reality, allowing the challenges of life to melt away and forget the presence of mankind. Patience and my camera are all I need, waiting for the best moment to capture the action. The experience and feeling when you look through the viewfinder with your finger set on the shutter ready to document that moment is unmatched.

I believe everyone has a role and responsibility to protect our wildlife and with my photography, bring awareness of these through the beauty of these magnificent creatures to all and those who do not have the opportunity. In the heights of my journeys, I have witnessed the Great Migration along with Beasts during their Hunt. Although it’s hard to see animals being hunted, we have to remember and understand the ‘Circle of Life’. These moments are not suited for everyone but as a ‘visual’ story teller, I wanted to document the raw elements of nature which unfolded right in front of my eyes.